Apps/Virtual Tools For Any DND Player or Dungeon Master

Dungeons and Dragons game was originally designed for paper, pencil and tabletop. As years passed by, technology has grown so much. This paved the way to the rise of apps and other computer programs in helping and enhance the game. Nowadays, the amount of apps out there are staggering.

Here are a few of my favorites that I have used and would recommend to anyone wanting to bring their game skills up a notch.

D&D Beyond/Beyond20 Apps

D&D Beyond is one of the great D&D apps for players, both for brand new and experienced ! To simply put, it has EVERYTHING a player or DM needs to get started. On the player side, you can make basic character sheets, read the D&D basic rules for free, and roll dice! For the DM side of things, you can create encounters, look up monsters, and share your content with the rest of your players!

You do have to buy your books on D&D Beyond directly or get their subscription. The free version is somewhat limited as to what options you can choose, but overall, it is one of the great apps and websites to use! You can get the app for both Apple and Android phones HERE.

If you use the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop on your computer, there is a cool Google Chrome add-on that can connect to both your D&D Beyond Character Sheet and your Roll 20 game called Beyond 20. At the click of a button, you can instantly roll your stats and modifiers! It’s been such a handy tool for my online games. You can check it out HERE.

Spells List 5e

I love this among sorts of DND apps. Spells List 5e is a comprehensive spellbook app that has pretty much every spell you need from every main D&D sourcebook. It’s pretty simple to use, with a search function that can help you find whatever spell you’re looking for, whether it’s by name, spell function, or by which class can use it. You can even track spell slots and create custom spell lists for your characters. It’s super handy to use, and I absolutely love it in all my spell-slinging. You can find it HERE for Apple devices. (Couldn’t find it for Android.)

Fifth Edition Character Sheet

Now this is one of my favorite apps that I will always recommend. It’s an easy character sheet creator that guides you through creating characters and even adds your abilities as you level up. I’ve used it from my very first game back when I was a newbie, and I cannot recommend it enough as I love that I can have my character sheets always on my phone with me! It’s free to download, but there’s a small one-time upgrade that’s seriously worth it to get. You can get it HERE for Android and HERE for Apple.

Not sure about those newfangled dice roller apps? That’s okay too! Get yourself some new gear from CardKingPro to roll your IRL dice in style!

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