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Rules for Mixing Races in Dungeons and Dragons by Tasha Cauldron

In the “Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything” supplement for Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition), there are optional rules for mixing races in creating characters. These rules are meant to offer greater flexibility and customization in character creation. Here are the basic guidelines for using these rules for mixing races: Choose a primary race: Your character must…

Creative Ways to Play Dungeons and Dragons On Zoom and Discord

Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, DND

Playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) comes in different creative ways- from tabletop gaming to virtual. In normal D&D Sessions, you have a tabletop and you can roll your D20 where everyone can see it. Meanwhile, you can still play D&D by interacting virtually. Two of the most popular and creative online applications are Zoom and…

Podcasts to Listen To in 2023 For Dungeons and Dragons Players

Podcasts are gaining attention especially nowadays that we are under the pandemic. Most people are indoors or would like to listen more to podcasts than read a book or search for a specific topic online. Whatever you are interested in, surely there’s a podcast that you can find that is worth listening to. Are you…

Apps/Virtual Tools For Any DND Player or Dungeon Master

Dungeons and Dragons game was originally designed for paper, pencil and tabletop. As years passed by, technology has grown so much. This paved the way to the rise of apps and other computer programs in helping and enhance the game. Nowadays, the amount of apps out there are staggering. Here are a few of my…

The Artificer Subclasses in Dungeons and Dragons

The Artificer class is considered as the tinkerers and scientists of the D&D world. Known as masters of invention and creativity, they use tools to channel their magic and make all the cool things! Artificers  are a very varied class that can be SUPER versatile and very cool, depending on how you play it. Artificer…

Dungeon Mastering for Newbies: Facing Uncertainties

Your party is in the middle of a cave, where the Amulet of ABSOLUTE POWER lies. You have everything planned out. You know that they’re probably going to fight some goblins and meet up with a tricky princess on the other side. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until the dice have a…

Dungeon Mastering for Newbies: A Guide For DMing

So, you want to get started on Dungeon Mastering, or DMing for short. Maybe your friends are asking you to play, or your last campaign split up. Or perhaps you have an epic inkling for an idea for an adventure you want to take your friends on! But you have a problem: Where the heck…

Dice Goblins, Justify Your Healthy Dice Addiction and Read This!

Owning dice is a beautiful thing. There’s something just quite satisfying collecting them. From the aesthetic of geometric shapes, the functionality on the game table to the sheer raw power that one feels when dropping 20 six-sided dice. Suitable for a massive critical Sneak Attack with a souped-up level 20 character. (True story there, I’ll have…

Building Character: Starting Your Character in Dungeons and Dragons

Building Character: Starting Your Character in Dungeons and Dragons cover

You are a newbie to Dungeons and Dragons. And you got no idea on how to build and start your character. Cardkingpro will guide and help you to create one! Probably in mind, you’ve already made your awesome new character’s backstory approved by your Dungeon Master (DM). Now you have to figure out their stats….

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