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Dice Tray Makers and Their Contribution to Dungeons and Dragons

Dice tray is a popular accessory for Dungeons & Dragons players who want to keep their dice rolls contained and minimize the risk of dice bouncing off the table or getting lost. There are several companies that specialize in making dice trays specifically for D&D players. Some of the popular dice tray makers are: Wyrmwood…

All About Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

All About Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

Gemstone dice are unique in the dice world. They’re a high-end combination of two of the things goblins often like: pretty click-clacks and pretty rocks. Whether you like them because of the healing properties that some gems and minerals are supposed to have or because of the natural beauty of the rocks and minerals they…

Dice Hoarders, Check Out This Must Have Dice Bag

Dice Hoarders, Check Out This Must Have Dice Bag

CardKingPro just released their newest dice storage, and it’s seriously mind-boggling in terms of just how MASSIVE it is! If you thought their original dice bag was big, think again because this bag is somehow even more so, if that was even possible! For starters, Cardkingpro Dice Bag has fifteen DEEP pockets. With nicely reinforced…

Dice Goblins, Justify Your Healthy Dice Addiction and Read This!

Owning dice is a beautiful thing. There’s something just quite satisfying collecting them. From the aesthetic of geometric shapes, the functionality on the game table to the sheer raw power that one feels when dropping 20 six-sided dice. Suitable for a massive critical Sneak Attack with a souped-up level 20 character. (True story there, I’ll have…

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