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Tips on Managing a Large Party in Dungeons and Dragons

Managing a large party in Dungeons and Dragons can be a challenging task for a Dungeon Master. Here are some tips to help you manage a large party effectively: Communication: It’s essential to establish clear communication between yourself and your players. Let them know your expectations, what they can expect from you, and how you…

Dice Bag That’s Best For Your RPG Adventures? Choose Cardkingpro!

Choosing the best material for a dice bag is important because it affects the durability, protection, and appearance of the bag. A durable material will ensure that the bag can withstand wear and tear and last a long time. A protective material will keep your dice safe from scratches, dings, and other damage. And a…

DND Life Hacks: Making A Re-Usable Battle Map for DND

First let us know what a DND battle map is. The DND battle map is also known as a “tactical map”. It is a visual representation of the battlefield or location where a combat encounter takes place in the game. Players and the Dungeon Master (DM) use this to help visualize the layout of the…

Character Creation in Dungeons and Dragons: My Process

Character Creation is Dungeons and Dragons: My Process

Creating a character is arguably one of the most fun, and most stressful parts of the game as you have to figure out someone totally new and exciting! As mentioned in our previous blog, Building Character: How To Make A Good Backstory for a Dungeons and Dragons game, building good three-dimensional characters is an adventure…

All About Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

All About Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

Gemstone dice are unique in the dice world. They’re a high-end combination of two of the things goblins often like: pretty click-clacks and pretty rocks. Whether you like them because of the healing properties that some gems and minerals are supposed to have or because of the natural beauty of the rocks and minerals they…

Building Character: How To Make A Good Backstory for a Dungeons and Dragons game

So you finally have joined a new campaign. Or perhaps are starting over with a new character. While rolling up stats for a character is an essential step as a newbie to Dungeons and Dragons, creating a backstory is also important. Curious about making one? This article will guide you on writing an amazing backstory…

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