All About Kevin Cook and His World-Record Dice Collection

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Kevin Cook is a well-known dice collector who has one of the largest private collections of dice in the world. He has been collecting dice for over 20 years. He has amassed a collection of over 11,000 dice from around the world. This includes dice made of various materials such as bone, ivory, wood, metal, and plastic.

He has written several books on dice collecting, including “The Dice Man Cometh” and “Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling,“. These books explore the history and cultural significance of dice and other games of chance. He is also a regular contributor to various gaming publications. Also, Cook has been featured in several documentaries and television shows about dice and gaming.

Cook’s collection includes dice made from a variety of materials, such as bone, ivory, wood, metal, plastic, and even precious stones like diamonds. Some of the dice in the roster of Cook’s collection are over 2,000 years old. Most come from ancient civilizations like Rome, Egypt, and China.

His collection also includes many rare and unusual dice, such as trick dice, loaded dice, and dice with unusual shapes or markings. He also has dice from various games and gambling activities, such as casino dice, backgammon dice, and Dungeons & Dragons dice.

Cook collecting dice is not just a personal hobby, but also a valuable resource for researchers and historians.

He has been called upon to provide expertise and consultation on the history and significance of dice for various academic and research projects.

People in the DND gaming industry look up to Kevin Cook and his passion with the collection. If you have such a huge collection as his? What will you do with them? Let us know your thoughts.

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