Rules for Mixing Races in Dungeons and Dragons by Tasha Cauldron

In the “Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything” supplement for Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition), there are optional rules for mixing races in creating characters. These rules are meant to offer greater flexibility and customization in character creation.

Here are the basic guidelines for using these rules for mixing races:

  1. Choose a primary race: Your character must choose a primary race, which will determine their starting abilities, proficiencies, and other characteristics.
  2. Pick a secondary race: Your character may choose a secondary race, which will provide them with a set of traits and abilities associated with that race.
  3. Determine ability score modifiers: Your character will receive ability score increases based on their primary race, as normal. If your character has a secondary race, they may also receive additional ability score increases or decreases based on that race.
  4. Select racial traits: Your character will gain the racial traits associated with their primary race. If your character has a secondary race, they may also gain additional racial traits associated with that race.
  5. Choose a hybrid trait: Your character may choose a hybrid trait that combines features from their primary and secondary races. This trait is unique to characters with mixed racial backgrounds.
  6. Determine any other features: Some races have additional features or abilities that are gained at specific levels. Your character will gain these features based on their primary race.

Note that these rules are optional and are meant to provide greater customization and flexibility in character creation. It is up to the Dungeon Master to decide whether to allow them in their game. The DM may choose to limit or prohibit the use of custom races or modified racial traits if they feel it would negatively impact the game. Additionally, these rules only apply to player characters and not to non-player characters or monsters.

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