Dwarves: An Analysis of the Main Races in Dungeons and Dragon

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Dwarves in D&D? Well, there are several different races to choose from when building a character. Each with their own different aspects and abilities to base your character off of. These can give your character extra flavor as you go through your adventures with your party. The details provided in the guidebooks can be great guidelines to help facilitate roleplay. And with your DM, you can use or deviate from them as much or as little as you want to create the story that you want. I will be highlighting each individual race as shown in the D&D Player’s Handbook, so if things are different in your campaign, that’s great!


Think like Dwarves are the short and stout people known for mining, craftsmanship, and their fierce warriors of all calibers. Gimli from the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a prime example.  Generally no taller than five feet  (does that mean I’m a dwarf?)  and stocky in terms of build,they have a fierce Mtenacity that is hard to beat.  They generally have skin tones ranging all over the ‘human’ spectrum. Male (and female) dwarves value their beards highly and are known to groom them very well. Many dwarves can often recall many things from long ago and are known to have a long lifespan.

The main unit of dwarven society in D&D is often centered around clans, and the social standing inside of the clan. Many dwarves are skilled artisans, and the durability and beauty of dwarven-made goods and gear is known throughout the lands. Many dwarves who go out on adventure often seek treasure, for whatever reasons may motivate them, or are inspired to restore honor, either to themselves or their clan.

In general, dwarves have a great constitution score, stats-wise. They can get a +2 bonus to that, given the hardy nature they have. Generally standing between 4-5 feet tall, they count as a Medium-sized creature. Also due to their times down in the mines, Dwarves have evolved Darkvision, which allows them to peer easily into the darkest of caves. Dwarves generally are proficient with a good amount of tools and weapons as well.

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