Resin Dice: What Is It and How To Take Care And Securely Keep Them

You’ve probably seen those videos on social media: a maker pours swirls of rippling resin and glitter into a mold. You cannot help but be mesmerized by the dyes and inclusions some creative people are putting into these things.

Resin art has grown increasingly over the past few years. The processes have skyrocketed in popularity especially during the pandemic as new people made it a hobby.

What is Resin?

Modern or epoxy resin comes in a two-part solution. Makers then mix together and let them harden into a number of things. It is often used to preserve things and can be used creatively in many forms. Can be poured, turned on a lathe, and even carved and polished into many stunning forms. In the dice maker community, it is often used as a material of choice due to how versatile it is, and how it holds glitter and other inclusions, such as gold and holographic foil, flowers, and even ashes.

So, how does one take care of those pretty resin dice, or resin in general?

It is generally advised to treat your dice with a little extra care, just like precious stones to keep it lasting as long as possible.

Avoid storing your resin dice in the sun or nearby any sources of UV rays. This can cause your dice to discolor. Also avoid excess heat as it can potentially melt the resin, depending on what type it is, as well as harsh chemicals or fragrances. Those can also have a potential chance to discolor your dice.

As resin is also a bit softer and more porous than regular plastic. It is also recommended to store it away from sharp things, such as sharp-edged or metal dice. I’ve had to resort to storing mine in separate bags so they stay as smooth and polished as the day I got them.

CardKingPro’s elite range of premium dice bags are a great solution to keep these dice safe in their suede pockets. With their soft , spacious pockets, you can be sure that your resin beauties are safe and sound!

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