The Artificer Subclasses in Dungeons and Dragons

The Artificer class is considered as the tinkerers and scientists of the D&D world. Known as masters of invention and creativity, they use tools to channel their magic and make all the cool things! Artificers  are a very varied class that can be SUPER versatile and very cool, depending on how you play it.

Artificer class is a very niche and fairly new class for 5e. Coming out officially in the past couple of years ago in the Ebberon: Rising from the Last War campaign book out now, being released and refined in the Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything sourcebook, which I’ll be citing from.

There are a few main subclasses of Artificer: Alchemist, Armorer, Artillerist and Battlesmith, each with their own flavor and pizzazz.


The Subclasses of Artificer


Alchemists do just as the name suggests. This artificer subclass uses and infuses magic into their chemicals to create strange and amazing concoctions. From amazing healing potions to deadly poisons and powerful explosions. (I totally have plans in the works for a plague doctor who uhm…. has an unhealthy obsession with making molotov cocktails for attacking enemies.)



Armorers are cool in the fact that they are essentially Iron Man. They can create magically-fueled suits of armor that move alongside them and can blast powerful attacks against any and all of their foes! With spells that can shatter and blast, all your dreams to have a superpowered suit can be fulfilled. (JARVIS systems not included.)


Artificer Subclass: ARTILLERISTS

Artillerists bring all the guns to the party. This artificer subclass makes epic firearms and cannons and knows how to use them. Not to be confused with the popular Critical Role gunslinger subclass, Artillerists know how to make awesome Eldritch Cannons that can be used in ways to blow, blast, or incinerate any enemy to smithereens!



Finally, Battle Smiths are the true tinkerers of the D&D universe. This subclass can fix and create anything. That includes life. They make their own protectors called Steel Defenders to join them in the fray. And also, they do great at protecting their friends and allies with magic that can create barriers and shields themselves.

Armored-up your new Artificer!

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