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Metal D&D Dice: The Pros, Cons, and Care and Keeping

Metal D&D Dice: The Pros, Cons, and Care and Keeping

Metal D&D dice are seriously cool. They are often sought out for their unique properties and weight. Usually made from heavy grade materials or even more exotic materials with enamel or other materials.

They can range in cost from around 10 dollars to easily hundreds of dollars depending on the materials, craftsmanship, and intricacy. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to take care of these delightfully heavy beauties!

Some collectors collect metal dice because of their weight and durability. Being made of denser materials than typical resin or plastic dice means that those death saves for your paladin will have much more weight to them, literally. Metallic dice also have an excellent aesthetic to them, as the materials used and manufacturing process can make many more varied designs than just plastic alone.

Metal dice are so dense. They can often leave scuffs on the table especially if the table is made of linoleum or softer woods.  (Ask me howI know).  One way to protect your tables would be to roll your dice in a padded dice tray that will keep them from hitting the table with the full force of Thor.

Metal D4’s  are also known as the “caltrops” of the dice world and for good reason. For the love of everything holy, don’t lose one and step on it with bare feet. Think of the sensation of stepping on a metal lego, but worse. Ouch.

Metal dice are best kept in a dry cushioned bag that will protect them (and your other dice) from getting scratched or chipped. That way they can have a long life and many good rolls.

Need some awesome gear to protect your metal dice? Check out CardKingPro’s line of premium gaming gear to give your metal clacks some extra protection!

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