Dice Hoarders, Check Out This Must Have Dice Bag

Dice Hoarders, Check Out This Must Have Dice Bag

CardKingPro just released their newest dice storage, and it’s seriously mind-boggling in terms of just how MASSIVE it is! If you thought their original dice bag was big, think again because this bag is somehow even more so, if that was even possible!

For starters, Cardkingpro Dice Bag has fifteen DEEP pockets. With nicely reinforced side pockets, it can also comfortably cradle at least two standard-sized 7-piece dice sets. Or even one expanded dice set with 10 pieces.

The middle pockets can fit EVEN MORE dice than that, hence, it can easily hold a good portion of your ever-growing hoard. These pockets are unbelievable. You can easily fit your entire fist into each one of the middle pockets. Try to keep pouring handfuls upon handfuls of dice inside, and like a rainbow black hole, it will keep going. I lost count but it can hold over 200 dice with no problems.

One word: FUZZY! This is the perfect word to describe the exterior of this bag.  Covered in a soft, rainbow display of swirls. Indeed would be worthy of anyone’s most vivid ice-cream dreams. While on the inside, it is lined with the softest premium suede interior to protect and nestle even the sharpest-edged clacks. Just like the classic Immense bags

Like the classic Immense bag, it ties securely with a long, high-quality drawstring and the top ruffles tuck in nicely to make sure every member of your hoard is snugly tucked inside. Like the Classic bag, the drawstrings are capped with the cutest little metal skull charms,  adding a little hit of Punk or Goth or dangerous adorableness to your bag.

What are you waiting for? Browse and shop now! Available in four different colors, surprisingly compact and perfect for gifting for your loved ones.

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