The Joys Of Being A Dice Goblin

The Joys Of Being A Dice Goblin

Owning dice is a beautiful thing. There’s something just quite satisfying about them, from the aesthetic of geometric shapes to their functionality on the game table to the sheer raw power that one feels when dropping 20 six-sided dice for a massive critical Sneak Attack with a souped-up level 20 character. (True story there, I’ll have to share it with you someday.) There’s just something so satisfying in having dice, and the innate potential that those shiny click-clack math rocks have to tell a story. 

As a hobby and industry almost directly fueled by the rise of tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, dice collecting has become a big thing in recent years. 

Big-name brands like Chessex and Crystal Caste have lines of dice which, due to a change in the style of glitter, are now out of print and very rare to find, which lead die-hard (pun intended) collectors to search high and low to finish their dream sets, often paying hundreds of dollars to find them. Handmade dice have also grown meteorically in popularity, with small-scale ateliers and artisans showing their works on social media with their creative uses of resin and other materials for custom dice. 

With the joys of collecting, also comes the joys of finding places to store our hoards. Like massive bags to protect the precious click clacks inside, or boxes. Speaking from personal experience, I enjoy being able to share my dice with my friends, and the more I can bring to the table, the better! The CardKingPro Dice bags are perfect for holding the hoard all in one place! You can get them here!

“Dice Goblins“ as we refer to ourselves, pride themselves on their hoards and the collective love we have for our shiny,  unfortunately not edible, game pieces. It’s truly a diverse, welcoming community centered on a love for shiny dice, and the stories those dice create, and that, most of all, is why I love being a dice goblin.

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