Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

Gemstone Dice: Treasures of the Earth

Gemstone dice are unique in the dice world. They’re a high-end combination of two of the things goblins often like: pretty click-clacks, and pretty rocks. Whether you like them because of the healing properties that some gems and minerals are supposed to have, or because of the natural beauty of the rocks and minerals they are made of, or simply just to flaunt some high-end dice, Gemstone dice have a place in the dice world and are beautiful treasures for any collection, especially those minerals that have a pleochroic color shift to them. . 

Not every gemstone can become proper dice.  Each mineral has a certain hardness, measured on something called the Mohs Hardness Scale . This determines just how resistant the mineral is to being scuffed and scratched. For a functional set of dice, it should be pretty high on the scale. Not all minerals can be made into dice, and depending on the mineral, some dice can’t be reasonably made because of functionality or price. 

Gemstone dice also have a lot of care involved to ensure that they remain as brilliant and as beautiful as when you first receive it.  If you wish to roll your gemstone dice, it is recommended to do so  one at a time into a well-padded dice tray so they don’t chip against each other when rolling. This will help keep  them safe and sound. When storing them, keep your gemstone dice in a well-padded dice bag, like the premium bags from CardKingPro! 

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