Building character: Starting Your Character

Building Character: Starting Your Character

So, you’ve made your awesome new character’s backstory, and have gotten it approved by your Dungeon Master (DM)! Now you have to figure out their stats. Stats are arguably one of the most important parts of building a character, as they help determine the technical side of the character you’re creating. They help codify whether you’re good at something or not.  Stats are what you’ll be using to do the actual rolling in the game. 

Various DMs handle the base stat creation of stats differently, so ask your DM what they would have you do to create that. Many DMs do point buy, a system where you have a set amount of points you can allocate to make a fairly balanced character. You can find a calculator that can help in calculating stats according to the standard point buy method here.

Other DMs do it differently and allow players to roll 4 six-sided dice and drop the lowest die amount to allow the luck of the die to have some aspect in the creation of a character. This allows players to potentially roll really fantastically for their stats, or perhaps end up with really low stats, which can make roleplay very interesting. 

After the base stats are assigned to whichever ability scores you think is appropriate for your character, make sure you add the relevant racial bonuses and check in the Player’s Handbook for your ability modifiers, and voila! You have your stats! 

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